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Collaborator of the Selonda fish farms from 1992 to this day
Construction of private harbors

Years: 1995-2016

Study-Construction-Supervision of Shipbuilding and Repair Zone named “Ι. Bassimakopoulos & Co” in Koilada

Year: 2003

Immersion of artificial blocks at the Ermioni marina in Argolida

Year: 2002

Construction of Germaniki Skala in Perama

Year: 2001

Construction of Piraeus Port

Years: 1999 – 2002

Regeneration for Olympic Works

Years: 1999-2000

Construction of a Port in Katakolo, Ilia

Year: 1999

Port expansion in Mandrakia of Ermioni in Argolida

Year: 1997

Breakwater construction at the port of Alexandroupolis

Year: 1996

Optic fiber cable laying in Corfu - Igoumenitsa

Year: 1996

Breakwater construction in Spetses

Year: 1995

Cooperation with the Nireas, Koronis, Agistri, Sea Farm, Ionian, Evia and Mytilini Joint Venture fish farms
Partner of the “FITCO” Metal Processing Industry SA regarding metal cages of fish farms.
Constructor of private ports
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