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Diving equipment services

Equipment service
At ERGODIVE SCUBA CLUB you can maintain and repair your own equipment. Furthermore, we provide certified maintenance of breathing regulators, buoyancy compensators, air compressors and spear guns
Rent diving equipment
ERGODIVE SCUBA CLUB offers certified diving equipment, the quality of which determines to a great extent the safe and comfortable dive of the diver. We have chosen some of the most reliable and leading diving equipment companies in order to offer the quality which each of you deserves. To rent your equipment, please contact us in advance.


Mask-snorkel 5.00 €
Dive fins 5.00 €
Buoyancy Compensator BCD 8.00 €
Air regulator 8.00 €
Suit 5.00 €
Boots 5.00 €
Cylinder/weights 8.00 €
Underwater torch 5.00 €
Complete equipment package 49.00 €
Cylinder filling with air and Nitrox
The ERGODIVE diving center offers two 15 and 16 CFM air compressors delivering 250 and 266 lt/min respectively. At ERGODIVE, through daily care, we manage to maintain the quality of all the above at a high level as law, our self-respect, and the relationship of trust with our respected clients determine.
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